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"These are my cups before and after! Very, very impressed."

Melissa Krausher, Radville, SK,,

"Since our new system was installed I have not had to purchase bottled water at all which has saved us time and money, and makes trips to the grocery store much easier. My wife can actually get groceries alone. That gives me more time to do what I need to do around the home. Our dishes are cleaner. We really like The dishwashing detergent that can with the soaps. Our hair and skin is cleaner and softer. This is an excellent company with an excellent product...And now we have excellent water."

Michael Guy, Regina, SK,

We purchased our drinking water system after a no-pressure sales presentation from the representative. The representative was very professional and showed us what the water system could do for our farm water. We were very impressed with how soon our system was installed. The young gentleman did an excellent job with the install. Very neat and tidy and made sure we understood how our system worked. The representative made a follow up visit to test our water and made sure the system was working properly. We have been extremely impressed so far with the quality staff and of course we are loving the clean fresh water that comes from our tap!! No more lifting heavy 20 litre water jugs for us!! And an added bonus we are not drinking out of plastic!"

Maureen Carles, Radville, Saskatchewan,

"We have been very pleased with the system. Our drinking water was so hard (2700 tds) that we've never been able to drink it. Now, after 32 years on the farm, we have excellent drinking water right out of the tap. It's like a miracle. Several years ago, we had tried another RO system and eventually had it removed as it was not able to improve our water adequately.

The conditioner is also great! With our water being so hard, even using a softener was not the answer because the salt residue left a film on everything. One big change is that now, unbelievably, our black granite sink stays black instead of being covered with a film of white deposit.

I am really enjoying the soap products as well. I wish we would have known about this water system years ago. It would have made things a lot easier."

Dave & Melany Mazenc, Radville, SK,

We are very pleased with our system. We have our 9 month old granddaughter who lives in the house and we feel that clean water in the house is very important. Modern water has made that happen. Its so nice to have good, clean, healthy water. And that is very important to us. We really like the soap that they provided a lot. We use it all the time and are very happy with it. Installation went well. The representative was knowledgable and professional and quite the little salesman. We are very proud to say that we have this system in our home."

Dorianne Mallette, Regina, SK,

"Well I like it ... It works very well. Not too much you can say about water and that's that."

Edward Leadly, Estevan, SK (99 Years Old),

"We got the water system in February. The presentation was excellent! Wasn't rushed and we were not pushed into anything, but fell in love with the system right away. It has improved our laundry, dishes, and even our dry skin that we all had. Absolutely Wonderful!"

Kevin and Jacky Swart, Assiniboia, SK,

"Well I like it ... It works very well. Not too much you can say about water and that's that."

Edward Leadly, Estevan, SK (99 Years Old),

"Just lovin' my new water system! No more hauling drinking fact, I just fill my 5-gallon jug and put it on the cooler! Now we're all drinkin crystal clear water wayyyy more! But don't get me wrong....I will still have the odd beer!!"

Twyla Bellefleur, Weyburn, SK,

"My experience has been excellent. From my first meeting with the sales person to the time it was installed was very fast. The actual installation was handled quickly and professionally. Plus there was good follow up after to ensure all was well. A very good experience overall."

Randy Mazenc, Radville, SK,

"Our water quality since having the system installed has improved drastically! We have noticed how much longer the suds last in my dishwater and there is absolutely no hard water build up at all which cuts my cleaning time in half. Also, our hair and skin have noticed a huge difference as well."

Chris Abtosway Gladmar, Saskatchewan,

"We are so totally totally happy with our new system. Our dishes never came clean before and now they come out of the dishwasher sparkling with out even having to rinse. Our laundry comes out cleaner our skin and hair are softer.. There is no end to how this system has changed life as we know it in this house!! We are thankful for finding a way for us not to have to haul water anymore. The drinking water is better then any water you can buy in a bottle."

Denise and Richard Bourassa, Radville, SK,

"Because of our extremely hard water in Halbrite the presentation awed us to buy the system. We can drink the water now and we are satisfied with the overall performance of the system. It's reassuring to know the chemicals added to meet water safety standards is being filtered out leaving a quality drinkable water."

Dale and Marion Scott, Halbrite, SK,

"We have not regretted putting in our new water system. I have found that cleaning has got much easier and we definitely have used less soap products. So our showers are cleaner and our skin is not so dry, thank you very much for introducing us to your system we are enjoying it."

Richard and Gayle Holzer, Radville, SK,

"We absolutely love our new system. We couldn't imagine life without it ever again!! It makes cleaning the house way easier and we have no more water spots or rings of any kind on out dishes at all. The Representative put on a very good presentation for us. He was very knowledgeable and polite. Thank you!"

Bob and Faye Barsness, Weyburn, SK,

"One thing I can say for sure is that we have no scum on our coffee anymore. Before when we made coffee from our tap water it was basically undrinkable. When I'm cooking potatoes they don't get that froth and boil over the way that they used to. We really like the soaps.. especially the cream soap." Thanks,

Brian and Janice Tytlandsvik, Radville, SK,

"We love our system. It works great. We are extremely happy that the representative came to see us. Its convenient and simple and was that way from the day we signed up! The installers were fast and professional and we really appreciate the pots and pans."

Mr. and Mrs. Neil Orsted Weyburn Saskatchewan,

"We like our system a lot It cleans our clothes and among other things our showers are amazing. You can just feel the difference in the water."

Wendy Ereth, Maccoun, SK,

"We purchased our system in March of 2014. My husband was skeptical as we already had a softener, why change it? The representative showed us that ours wasn't working properly. He showed us the difference in our water with the Infinite Water system. After using it now for 2 1/2 months all I can say is I'm glad we have it! Clothes are cleaner; dishes out of the dishwasher are spotless; the shower stays clean (a big thing for me!). Having everything clean is a great thing for me and knowing you can wash something and not leave watermarks is the best! The drinking water system is great! Overall a great system. We are happy that we made the choice to purchase the system."

Doug & Sherry Scott, Radville, SK,

"Well what can I say? Its absolutely wonderful! We went from using 3 bags of softener salt in our softner every 4 weeks to now only using 1 bag every 4 weeks.. Its like having a money tree. The representative came to our home and we were intrigued .. And as it turns out .. It wasn't just a sales pitch at all! Everything he said it was going to do it does. UNBELIEVABLE!"

Kim and Greg Cherkas, Kelvington, SK,

"The representative was very knowledgable. we are very satisfied with our water treatment system and wish we would have gotten it years ago."

Myron Mcleod, Tribune, SK,